Snowmobile To Dos

Always remember to ride safely and to be courteous to other riders. Nothing ruins a day quicker than an accident that was completely avoidable or due to improper maintenance. The last thing you want to do is injury a fellow rider due to your carelessness. Remember, we all want to enjoy a fun day on the trails and we all want to come home at the end of the day.

To ensure you have a fun and safe ride please review some of these tips and links.

Proper Maintenance

• Remember proper snowmobile maintenance. A little prevention can go a long way in having a fun and safe snowmobiling season.

Trail Etiquette

• Review proper trail etiquette. (Link takes you Web site)

Be Prepared

• Let someone know where you are riding and when you will be back.
• Don’t ride alone.
• Know the weather – Conditions can change in a hurry. Know the local forecast before you hit the trails.
• Bring a fully charged phone and an extra battery. When it’s cold out, the performance of your phone’s battery is reduced and may fail on you. Bring your charger (if your sled has a 12v adapter) or bring an extra battery with you so you have the ability to make that emergency call, if needed.
• Trail Maps – In case your sled breaks down, there is an accident or you get lost, it’s import to have trail maps of the area you are riding. In case you or someone needs emergency help it will be important to direct the proper authorities to your location. Polaris recently released a Snow Trails app for Android and Apple users.
• Pack extra clothing, gloves or hat – If any of these get wet or if the temperature drops, it’s best to have more than not enough.
• Here are some additional tips from